A catch-all email mailbox is one that gathers all the emails sent to non-existent addresses. For instance, if your address is info@domain.com, but somebody mistypes it and sends an email to inof@domain.com, it will still be received in the catch-all mailbox that you have created. Just one single mailbox per domain can have this feature activated and in this way you will never miss emails because the other party has an obsolete address or has made a typo. The drawback of having a catch-all mailbox is that you may start receiving lots of spam, but this issue can be rectified using an anti-spam protection solution. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that a mailbox with an activated catch-all functionality cannot forward inbound email messages to a third-party email address.
Catch-all Emails in Shared Hosting
Configuring a catch-all e-mailbox will be remarkably easy if you have a Linux shared hosting with us. You can activate this option through our powerful, albeit user-friendly Email Manager tool, which is included in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, via which you will manage the hosting account itself. You will find all the mailboxes that you’ve set up listed in alphabetical order and to the right of each one of them there will be a small-size "Catch-all" icon, which will instantly let you know whether a particular mailbox gets all the messages associated with a given domain or not. With one single mouse click on the icon you can enable or disable the feature whenever you want. If there’s enabled email forwarding or if some other mailbox has already been configured as a catch-all one for a specific domain, you’ll get an alert from our system. The latter won’t replace/disable anything automatically and without your consent.
Catch-all Emails in Semi-dedicated Hosting
You will be able to create a catch-all address with no more than one click in case you’ve got a Linux semi-dedicated hosting with our company and your emails are handled by our cloud web hosting platform. All the email addresses that you create using any domain hosted in the semi-dedicated account will be enumerated in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel’s Email Manager section. Each of them will have a tiny "Catch-all" icon next to it, so all it will take to enable this feature will be to click on that icon. In the exact same way you’ll be able to deactivate the feature, in case you don’t need it anymore. Our system will inform you in case you’re attempting to activate a 2nd catch-all address for a particular domain name or if there’s active email forwarding, but it will never modify or deactivate any feature automatically or without your consent.